Month: July 2015

  • How life transitions work

    How life transitions work

    Today we are experiencing more life transitions and at a faster pace than any time in human history. Until now we didn’t need to know how to navigate a transition and design what’s next. Transitions were part of the life cycle and they just happened. One part of your life ended. Another part began. What’s […]

  • Selfhood: spirit, heart, mind, body connection

    Selfhood: spirit, heart, mind, body connection

    In working with women for over 40 years and in my own life transitions, I discovered that the key to women’s power is our selfhood strength and resilience. When our spirit, heart, mind, body connection is strong — when we trust, love, know and value ourselves for who we are, we have the inner container […]

  • Transforming the way we care

    Transforming the way we care

     Caring Across Generations is building a movement of the caring majority to create a culture of care in the U.S. Recognizing that care is the work that makes all other work possible, this movement also is making care visible and working on local and state legislative initiatives to make a difference now. Participating in this […]

  • Self-love affirmation

    Self-love affirmation

    A key to developing and strengthening selfhood is to experience feelings of inner care, connection, nurture and well-being of self-love that are stronger than an inner critic voice or feeling unworthy. This affirmation practice is designed to turn on and turn up the warmth of your inner light. The exercise incorporates the Chinese energy medicine […]

  • Create a life-work picture – what’s important now?

    Create a life-work picture – what’s important now?

    Find your life work connection by creating a picture of the parts of your life and deciding how they go together. Think of work as both paid and volunteer work to sustain yourself and to help make society a better place. Here is a sample list of categories. The picture with this post is the […]

  • Thinking fast and slow

    Thinking fast and slow

    When you are creating change, you need to move slow enough to allow new ideas to emerge. When an idea comes, you need to move fast enough to keep the space open to consider the idea. Notice if your pattern is to trample tender new ideas as they appear. Or, perhaps before the idea fully […]

  • Connecting Life and Work

    Connecting Life and Work

    So often the discussion of life and work turns on the word “balance.” The question often arises about women balancing motherhood and careers. This is how employers framed the question in the 1960s and 1970s to explain why job opportunities were closed to women. Because we in the working women’s movement at that time wanted […]

  • Standing still and waiting

    Standing still and waiting

    I’m just standing still and then suddenly I think I am waiting for something. Once I’ve decided that I’m waiting it’s like I’m not standing still anymore Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler Hurry Up and Wait