Self-love affirmation

A key to developing and strengthening selfhood is to experience feelings of inner care, connection, nurture and well-being of self-love that are stronger than an inner critic voice or feeling unworthy. This affirmation practice is designed to turn on and turn up the warmth of your inner light.

The exercise incorporates the Chinese energy medicine concept of energy flow. The tapping gently opens your inner energy pathways creating more space for self-love.

Instructions: In the steps below, “tap” means to use two fingers of either hand and gently tap continuously on the part of the body indicated as you say the phrase once.

  1.  I receive love    (tap top of the head)
  2.  I know love       (tap middle of the forehead
  3.   I see love         (tap under one eye (either one) – I see love
  4.   I breathe love   (tap under your nose)  Pause … exhale  … inhale … exhale
  5.   I speak love     (tap chin – under your mouth)
  6.   I weave love    (tap collar bone  — below your neck in the middle)
  7.   I feel love         (place palm of your hand on the middle of your chest – above breast
  8.   I give love        (keep hand on the middle of your chest)
  9.   I live love         (keep hand on the middle of your chest)
  10.   I am love         (keep hand on the middle of your chest)

Exhale a complete exhale and then inhale a deep breath and exhale. Repeat three times creating a cirlce of breath as your exhale flows into your inhale that flows into your exhale.

Repeat this practice once or twice a day or as needed to strengthen self-love.

Quilt piece by Carole Burton
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