Connecting Life and Work

So often the discussion of life and work turns on the word “balance.” The question often arises about women balancing motherhood and careers. This is how employers framed the question in the 1960s and 1970s to explain why job opportunities were closed to women.

Because we in the working women’s movement at that time wanted to open opportunities we argued that women can do it all and balance motherhood and careers. We believed that this was the only way we could open opportunities for women. At that time it was. Now is a different time — a time to create a new vision of an economy that offers a life-work connection that works. The current economy doesn’t.

While it’s essential to continue to advocate for measures that help like sick days, paid family leave and disability pay, and to continue to close the wage gap and ensure equal opportunity and low wage jobs, we also need to promote a new economy where work serves life instead of the other way around.

Framing a big picture question, we ask: What is the personal and community wellbeing economy in the United States that sustains our capacity to care for ourselves, each other and the Earth our home?

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