How life transitions work

Today we are experiencing more life transitions and at a faster pace than any time in human history. Until now we didn’t need to know how to navigate a transition and design what’s next. Transitions were part of the life cycle and they just happened. One part of your life ended. Another part began.

What’s happening now? Since the economy’s collapse in 2008, U.S. society is in a major cultural and economic shift that impacts every aspect of our lives. No longer can you walk out of your home, resume in hand and find someone who is waiting to hire you. No longer can you expect that the society you expected will be a reality for you. No longer can you define a plan, go out and implement it and get desired results.

It’s so easy to want to believe the hype that all you need to do is to imagine what you want and it will appear. Sometimes life works that way. Often transitions are more complex because they mark the end of something and a beginning that isn’t here yet.

Here’s an image that shows what’s ending (skeleton on the left) and what’s next (green field on the right). Blue water is between the present and the future. The end of the brown hook holds a green half circle. These symbolize your strengths and abilities that you are carrying from the present into the next part of your life journey. The transition is the move across the water of change to what’s next (symbolized by the big green shape)

IMG_2039I If your transition is easy, you may be able to move forward easily. An image might be to wade across this water of transition or construct a simple raft and paddle and move across. if you’re in a more difficult transition, you may need to join with others to successfully move from where you are into what’s next. Sometimes you need to advocate for social change in order to create what you need — for example child care, job training and health care.

Tap into your creative mind that thinks in images to select or create a picture that symbolizes your transition. This is the your intuition and inner knowing that already knows what’s emerging and is eager to help.

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Painting by Day Piercy
© Copyright 2015 Day Piercy All Rights Reserved