Create a life-work picture – what’s important now?

Find your life work connection by creating a picture of the parts of your life and deciding how they go together. Think of work as both paid and volunteer work to sustain yourself and to help make society a better place.

Here is a sample list of categories. The picture with this post is the life-work symbol that I created using 10 rectangles connected  with a cloth ribbon. Decide what yours will include and, if you like, create images to symbolize each.

  • home & life management
  • family & friends
  • physical health and wellbeing
  • education and personal growth
  • spirituality
  • creative spirit
  • nature
  • community service
  • play/social time/vacation
  • work – paid and unpaid

This list emerged during a life coaching session when we noticed that having a separate work/career part of our lives meant that part often expanded to consume far more of our lives than we intended.

For each part, write 1-3 priorities that are most important for you. When you define and write down the parts of your life, you can see how the parts weave together and the stressors where you don’t have control and are not able to do what you want to do. Identify where you can work with others to make your life better and for community wellbeing too,.


Painting by Day Piercy
© Copyright 2015 Day Piercy All Rights Reserved