What it takes to embrace change

Designing what’s next requires you to move from life as you know it. It’s natural to protect what exists. We all do it. The first step in moving into your new life (and in being your own life coach) is to shift from the mindset of protecting the status quo into embracing the idea that you are creating something new.You know you’ve made this shift when you experience an open space for the unknown.

A challenge is knowing when to keep trying to make something work and when to stop. I always believe that I can make something work so I return again and again. While perseverance is a great trait, it can get in your way when it’s time to embrace change. That’s why opening a space for creating is so important. Imagination + implementation = the power to create. When you make the shift and open a creative space, you give your imagination a chance to offer new possibilities. You give yourself the capacity to see what you have the power to create. You let go of “this should work” and instead discover what you can create now.

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