Beyond the youth culture: the four seasons of life

Each season of life offers special opportunities to live and grow into more of who we are. The four seasons: Spring is new life emerging and growing. Summer is blossoming and more growth. Autumn is living out loud and visible in full color. Winter is the end of physical life. Our age during each of these seasons depends on the length of our lifetime. Everyone has a lifetime. None of us know how long we will live.

For most of us, though, life’s challenges suppress our full expression and you and I have to open the way to live our unique potential to be who we are. For me, as the Autumn season of my life turned when I entered my 60s my longing grew to live a more authentic life of being who I am.  I had devoted my life to fulfilling others’ needs and while I value that, now I wanted to live a meaningful life being who I am too.

Turns out, that the Autumn season can be the perfect time for that. I’m living a new life story now that fulfills me in ways that also fulfills others. Being my Self makes all the difference.

My only regret is that I didn’t embrace the four-season view of life earlier. I would have seen Autumn coming and embraced living out loud and visible as my Self earlier. It’s a great way to live.

Painting by Day Piercy
© Copyright 2015 Day Piercy. All Rights Reserved