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  • “What” comes before “how”

    “What” comes before “how”

    When you want to create change, you combine imagination and implementation. Too often the time to imagine is shortchanged. The well intentioned “get the job done”  rush past imagination to implementation is a key cause of change initiative failures. It’s natural to think of an idea and then ask  “how will you do that?” Unfortunately, […]

  • Thinking fast and slow

    Thinking fast and slow

    When you are creating change, you need to move slow enough to allow new ideas to emerge. When an idea comes, you need to move fast enough to keep the space open to consider the idea. Notice if your pattern is to trample tender new ideas as they appear. Or, perhaps before the idea fully […]

  • Standing still and waiting

    Standing still and waiting

    I’m just standing still and then suddenly I think I am waiting for something. Once I’ve decided that I’m waiting it’s like I’m not standing still anymore Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler Hurry Up and Wait