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Life Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Time To Rise

After Hillary’s defeat, I searched for a way to comprehend what had just happened. I grieved the 2016 election’s betrayal of the working women’s movement’s promise. In 2016 misogyny defeated a woman leader poised to make history. A few weeks after the election I stared at the dark TV screen too outraged to watch the news. An image came into

The Political is Personal: Spotlight Misogyny

People tell me not to take Hillary’s defeat so personally. I reply, “Feeling the pain means that I’m aware of the misogyny and not in denial.” My heart still hurts from removing the illusion that society has advanced in its respect for and value of women leaders. Maybe you too underestimated misogyny intertwined with racism and abuse that rose in

How to Write About Local Issues

Passionate about an issue? I’m imagining all of us becoming community reporters, sending a letter to the editor of our local papers every week. Add a Facebook post and Tweet telling the same story to reach more people. Then go to a local town hall with copies of what you’ve written.

How This Kansas City Project is Helping Homeless Veterans

The Veterans Village gives me hope that as a society we’ll serve veterans whose service to society too often is dismissed when they return home. Two veterans in the Kansas City area, Kevin Jamison and Chris Stout took action on their concern about homeless veterans. They formed the Veterans Community Project and organized volunteers and companies like Mitsubishi HVAC to

Beyond the youth culture: the four seasons of life

Each season of life offers special opportunities to live and grow into more of who we are. The four seasons: Spring is new life emerging and growing. Summer is blossoming and more growth. Autumn is living out loud and visible in full color. Winter is the end of physical life. Our age during each of these seasons depends on the

How to know what’s possible

Creating something new requires both personal capacity and social conditions. These trees, for example, grew because the trees were healthy and because of favorable conditions of earth, air, water, light and temperature. When you have an idea or an opportunity comes your way, you too combine your personal beliefs, confidence and skills and social conditions that impact what you can

What it takes to embrace change

Designing what’s next requires you to move from life as you know it. It’s natural to protect what exists. We all do it. The first step in moving into your new life (and in being your own life coach) is to shift from the mindset of protecting the status quo into embracing the idea that you are creating something new.You

“What” comes before “how”

When you want to create change, you combine imagination and implementation. Too often the time to imagine is shortchanged. The well intentioned “get the job done”  rush past imagination to implementation is a key cause of change initiative failures. It’s natural to think of an idea and then ask  “how will you do that?” Unfortunately, when the “how” is inserted