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After the 2016 election, our work in the United States to protect our democracy and for economic and social justice is more urgent than ever before. We are called to build a society that honors, respects, values, welcomes, protects and nurtures all people, nature and the Earth, our home.

• If you are wondering how to create your life in these challenging times
• If you want to strengthen creative female voice, power and leadership
• If you are interested in learning and sharing ideas about how people are making a positive impact in their communities
• If you’re looking for ways to imagine and create new possibilities and change that works

You will find tips, tools, guides and a creative community here that will support you in living your life purpose and sharing your gifts to make a difference in your community.

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Create Your Life


Activate your creative mind and connect to the power to create your life.
• Remove confusion by knowing what to do when you are confused and uncertain.
• Build your capacity to move from where you are to where you want to be.
• Move forward with confidence into what’s next on your life journey.

Creative Female


The Creative Female project breaks silencing and restores the Self that patriarchy suppressed thousands of years ago and that continues in present time. We use the word “female” because patriarchy’s power and control rose to suppress her voice and power. Invisible to society so accustomed to male leadership, she is suppressed when she rises.

Community Wellbeing


The Community Wellbeing project connects people who are looking for local initiatives and projects with people who are conducting them. In cities, towns and counties, people all over the United States are working to create communities that honor, respect, value, welcome and nurture all people, nature and the Earth, our home. Their work too often is invisible in the media as efforts to dismantle government and public services receive the most attention.

CreateNet Blog

These tips, tools and guides show you how to overcome the blocks that hold you back, fit the parts of your life together, feel confident that you’re on the right path, be fulfilled in knowing that you are making a difference. Learn what others are doing to create community wellbeing and what you can do too.

Life Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Time To Rise
After Hillary’s defeat, I searched for a way to comprehend what had just happened. I grieved the 2016 election’s betrayal of the working women’s movement’s promise. In 2016 misogyny defeated a woman leader poised to make history. A few weeks after the election I stared at the dark TV screen too outraged to watch the news. An image came into
The Political is Personal: Spotlight Misogyny
People tell me not to take Hillary’s defeat so personally. I reply, “Feeling the pain means that I’m aware of the misogyny and not in denial.” My heart still hurts from removing the illusion that society has advanced in its respect for and value of women leaders. Maybe you too underestimated misogyny intertwined with racism and abuse that rose in